Отгледани от вълци (Raised by Wolves)
TV Series (2020 - 2022) Текущ

Действието се развива на мистериозна наскоро колонизирана планета. Два андроида отглеждат човешки деца в новата колония, чиято стабилност e под заплаха, заради религиозни различия.

Последни епизоди

Сезон 2 Епизод 8

Grandmother reveals her own agenda. Marcus seeks revenge, and Mother sets out to neutralize the serpent - but is leveled by the fallout.

17.03.2022 г.

Сезон 2 Епизод 7

A reeling Marcus and Paul join forces with Mother to disarm the newly weaponized serpent before it wreaks unimaginable havoc.

10.03.2022 г.

Сезон 2 Епизод 6

As they try and fail to open the seed box, Sue and Paul realize they need Marcus's help. Sue makes a plan to break Marcus out of the brig while Mother is distracted with the imminent birth of Tempest's baby. But when Sue, Paul and Marcus finally open the seed box, they make a horrifying discovery.

03.03.2022 г.

Сезон 2 Епизод 5

Mother struggles to keep the collective from falling apart as she struggles to lead while Sue resorts to prayer in her desperation to cure Paul. Meanwhile, Marcus and his followers are given new hope as they discover an ancient temple. But as Marcus investigates the temple's secrets, Decima and the rest of his followers are made to answer for their sins.

24.02.2022 г.

Сезон 2 Епизод 4

After the Trust uses Paul to strike back against Marcus, Mother confronts the Trust and threatens a coup. Meanwhile, on the run from Mother, Marcus has to keep his followers from losing faith as his powers suddenly disappear.

17.02.2022 г.

Сезон 2 Епизод 3

Upon learning that the serpent is nonviolent, Mother fiercely protects it, while Father busies himself with the regeneration of a new android. Endowed with mysterious new powers, Marcus grows his congregation.

10.02.2022 г.

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5 сериала за любителите на спорта!

Вяра Тъпчева - 09.12.2022

Снимка за публикацията 'Манифест': Интервю с Джеф Рейк
'Манифест': Интервю с Джеф Рейк

Адрияна Кръстева - 04.11.2022

Снимка за публикацията 'Don't Worry Darling' - какво ни очаква?
'Don't Worry Darling' - какво ни очаква?

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Снимка за публикацията Какво трябва да знаем за 'Man vs. Bee'?
Какво трябва да знаем за 'Man vs. Bee'?

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