Добрият доктор (The Good Doctor)
TV Series (2017) Текущ

Талантливият и вече пораснал Фреди Хаймор е в ролята на доктор Шон Мърфи - млад хирург с аутизъм и савант-синдром.

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Сезон 6 Епизод 1

03.10.2022 г.

Сезон 5 Епизод 18

Shaun and Lea make a big life decision and are pleasantly surprised by the support they receive from their friends at the hospital; Asher struggles to accept that he and his father may never truly understand one another.

16.05.2022 г.

Сезон 5 Епизод 17

Sophie takes Lea for a day full of luxurious wedding planning. After a near fatal oversight, Dr. Lim investigates what is behind nurse Villanueva's unprofessional behavior.

09.05.2022 г.

Сезон 5 Епизод 16

As Shaun and Lea head toward their wedding day, a documentary filmmaker showcases their special relationship.

02.05.2022 г.

Сезон 5 Епизод 15

Dr. Andrews treats a foster kid for injuries from a fight in the group home. Shaun and his team look to Lea for expertise with cars and auto repair for a patient whose iron lung broke.

18.04.2022 г.

Сезон 5 Епизод 14

When someone mistakenly brings a hallucinogen-laced dish to the hospital's company potluck, much of the hospital staff and doctors are incapacitated forcing Murphy, Glassman and Allen to take on all of the hospital's cases.

11.04.2022 г.

Епизодите за този сериал и други са добавени в календара на HollyHQ.

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