Титани (Titans)
TV Series (2018) Текущ

Базиран на екипа на DC Comics Teen Titans, сериалът проследява група млади герои, които обединяват сили в борбата си със злото.

Последни епизоди

Сезон 4 Епизод 6

As they return to S.T.A.R. Labs, Rachel reveals to Kory that she also saw her vision, as well as Dick back in Gotham. At the labs, the Titans begin to devise a plan to stop the Blood Moon ritual.

01.12.2022 г.

Сезон 4 Епизод 5

Titans fight to keep Sebastian safe, and an unexpected inside threat jeopardizes the plan.

24.11.2022 г.

Сезон 4 Епизод 4

The Titans discover that there may be survivors of the Trigon cult, who they thought had been burned in the asylum.

17.11.2022 г.

Сезон 4 Епизод 3

With Rachel left powerless, Dick turns to an old friend whose magic could be the key to identifying their mysterious enemy. Meanwhile, Conner and Tim investigate attack victims, and Sebastian finds himself at the center of an eerie plot.

10.11.2022 г.

Сезон 4 Епизод 2

In the wake of Lex Luthor's sudden demise, Conner finds himself framed for murder while the Titans try to piece together Luthor's suspicious connection to Rachel's haunting and clear their teammate's name.

03.11.2022 г.

Сезон 3 Епизод 13

With Gotham once again at the mercy of Crane's terror, it's all hands on deck for the Titans as they infiltrate Wayne Manor and harness an ancient power that transcends life and death.

21.10.2021 г.

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Сезон 1 11 Eпизода

Сезон 2 13 Eпизода

Сезон 3 13 Eпизода

Сезон 4 1 Eпизода

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